Kate Bush "Hounds of Love"

Possible Worlds greatly admires Kate Bush and her music. In her fierce independence as well as her amazing writing she reminds us a little bit of a British version of Prince. Her music has a sort of wistful quality to it, as if Kate (with her it’s always Kate) has some inner connection or conduit to a realm of fairies and magic (with raw terror lurking just around the corner). Something about her music gets us down deep even in the most cynical part of our souls. And that’s not even to dwell on her accomplishments as a singer, the way she varies her timbre and mannerisms as she inhabits each song.

Hounds of Love is her best-known work, and, honestly, it’s probably her best. The pop songs (weird pop songs, but pop songs nevertheless) on the first side are some of her best known accomplishments, masterpieces in miniature like “Running Up That Hill,” “Cloudbusting,” and the title track. But then there’s the even stranger song cycle on Side B. The aching beauty of “Hello Earth” always brings a lump to our throats. We sense in her music something to which Possible Worlds also aspires: pure emotional honesty.

If PW had one-tenth of the artistic clarity and commitment as dear Kate, we could die happy.

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